Thursday, 21 August 2014

Organic Hibiscus & Raspberry Kombucha Tea

One of the top things on my packing list was my Kombucha scoby. I sealed one up the night before we went to the airport with lots of starter tea and packed it in with my 3 boxes of Body Ecology Veggie Culture starter in a cooler bag and an ice pack. It arrived safely in Vietnam, and I got to work on the second week making my fermented cultured veggies and Kombucha tea.

Unfortunately the weather was so warm I didn't expect such a quick ferment and after a week, it was not very palatable, so I poured the overbrewed kombucha into a 3 spare jars and within a week I had 3 healthy new scoby's! Great to have some spares. It took me 3 tries to get the balance right, in the end I used a lot less starter tea and reduced the size of my scoby by tearing it gently and added around 2 litres of green tea & sugar. We were rewarded with some tasty stuff which my 6 yo cannot get enough of!

I proudly showed one of the local ladies my scoby, she laughed at me and said only old people have those. They are really hard to come across! How sad in a country where culture and traditions are still valued and going strong, that these traditional foods are disappearing! I hope I can spread the word over here! ;)

Organic Hibiscus & Raspberry Kombucha Tea

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Moving to Vietnam with my kids

It's been a while since I have written a post! I have been a little distracted with moving our family from Australia to Vietnam last month. We've been in Vietnam now for just over 3 weeks and I have to say, I am really loving it and blessed to have such an amazing skyline to wake up to. The contrast between rice paddies, undeveloped grass fields and sky high buildings is incredible. It never gets boring. I witnessed the most incredible sunset from our window while we were having dinner at home. We have a view of the Saigon river which flows from Cambodia, through south Vietnam and merges into the South China Sea near the Mekong Delta.

The most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen. Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (taken on iPhone)