Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fluffy 3 Egg Omelette by Jean Imbert

I discovered Jean Imbert's 3 egg fluffy omelette on a friends Instagram page and had to give it a go, it looked so interesting with the light fluffy egg oozing out of the folded omelette. You basically need to whisk the eggs until you have a nice mousse texture and double cook it in the pan first with oil, then when you can lift the sides, tuck some butter in to make it crispy on the outside and light and moussey on the inside. Wow!

loveurbelly Fluffy 3 Egg Omelette by Jean Imbert
Fluffy 3 Egg Omelette by Jean Imbert
I served it up with a side of fermented veggies, avocado and any other veggies I had on hand. My 11yo loved it. It also inspired me to make a fluffy 2 ingredient banana pancake (click here for the recipe)

When I'm making Jean Imberts fluffy omelette for my kids, I use a small non stick pan and use 2 eggs instead of 3. I also tried it with a sprinkle of some cheese before folding and I bet some finely chopped bacon bits and chives would be amazing too.

Check out the YouTube video on how to make it here. You will need 2-3 eggs, olive oil and butter. 

I really recommend giving it a go! Hope you enjoy :)

May xx


  1. Hi May, your omelette look amazing. I also tried the recipe, but I failed to whisk the egg. Any tips? Do I need to whisk it fast enough ?

  2. Hi Jeffrey, yes you need to whisk it for a bit of time (doesn't have to be super fast, just long enough) to get the fluffy foamy texture like in the pic. It's a bit of a work out! ;) there's a link to the video if that helps you. So glad you tried it out. Try it again and just make sure the eggs are fluffy before cooking xx

  3. How long in your experience, did the whisking take? how many minutes?

    1. About 2-3 minutes, and not in a circular motion it's more up and down with the bowl tilted slightly. If you watch the video you can see he recommends a figure 8 style of whisking :) hope you enjoy!