Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Frozen Yoghurt Cups

I love making small snacks and treats that are easy for the kids to help make in the kitchen and also get excited to eat. They love the frozen yoghurt bark with fresh fruit and raw honey so I made another variation with the same five ingredients set in mini silicone cups. It's quite funny, all you need to do is change the shape of the treat and to the kids, it becomes something new and exciting again. 

Frozen Yoghurt Cups
Frozen Yoghurt Cups
My 7 yo came home today from school and I served him these frozen yoghurt cups, he gave me a kiss and said how much he loved me because I made him these cups. He ate 12 of them and we got 4. Just makes my day :)

Frozen Yoghurt Cups
See the yummy banana in the raspberry layer? 

Ripe bananas (with black spots) work best for this recipe, as the banana is frozen whole, it will have an ice cream texture when it is really ripe otherwise it might taste a little bland and hard. This is a really great recipe for the kids to do on their own with your guidance. Some of the things you can ask them to do are:
  • measure out the ingredients
  • mix the yoghurt & honey
  • mash the raspberries
  • slice the bananas using a butter knife
  • scoop out the passionfruit pulp
  • layer the ingredients in the mould
Which is basically the whole recipe :)
Frozen Yoghurt Cups
Frozen Yoghurt Cups
You can layer the ingredients anyway you like, I like the contrast of the creamy sweet banana with the icy tart raspberries, it's a little fiddlier this way so you can throw them in any order you like.

Frozen yoghurt cups - different order to layering the ingredients
Makes 16 mini cups (use ice cube trays if you don't have mini silicone cups)

You will need:
  • 1 ripe banana (with black spots)
  • 1/2 cup natural yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt if dairy free)
  • 1/2 cup raspberries (I used frozen as they are the only organic ones I can find over here)
  • 1 tbsp honey (optional or preferred sweetener)
  • 2 passionfruit
Frozen Yoghurt Cups
Frozen Yoghurt Cups
  • mix the yoghurt and honey 
  • mash the raspberries (it should be nice and syrupy)
  • slice the bananas about 5mm thick
  • scoop out the passionfruit pulp
  • place a slice of banana in each mould
  • place 3/4 tsp of raspberry on top and spread evenly
  • place 1 tsp of yoghurt and spread evenly
  • drizzle a little passionfruit on top
  • place in the freezer for 2-3 hours until set
  • store in an airtight container in the freezer for 3-5 days
Frozen Yoghurt Cups
Frozen Yoghurt Cups can be stored in the freezer for 3-5 days and made ahead of time 
Hope you enjoyed this recipe! May xx

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