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Nori Wrap and Roll Platter

My favourite meals are ones that are interactive and social, usually involving our hands and lots of dishes or toppings to choose from, like my mini burger platter. The kids love eating this way, and it's just how I grew up with our lettuce wraps and rice paper roll dinners, we all learnt to wrap and roll as we ate and socialised. I find my kids end up eating a lot more veggies as they have so much fun wrapping their own nori rolls. It also doesn't leave you feeling overly stuffed even though you can keep nibbling on it for a couple of hours between chatting and drinking so it's great entertainer or party dish.

Nori Wrap and Roll Platter
Nori Wrap and Roll Platter

You can choose to have as many or as little toppings as you like to include in the platter depending on how many people you have or to suit everyone's taste. Everything can also be prepped the day before (except the bacon would be nicer on the day), it's lovely with just veggies as well so you can cater for any vegetarian or vegan friends too. The key is to cut everything into small strips and cut the nori sheet into 6 rectangles. Keeping it small makes it easier for smaller hands to wrap, and you can choose 3-5 fillings per roll and change up your fillings with each roll. 

Nori Wrap and Roll Platter
Nori Wrap and Roll Platter with Nom Nom Paleo's Pressure Cooker Kahlua Pig

Nori Wrap and Roll Platter

Nori Wrap and Roll Platter
Nori Wrap and Roll Platter
You will need:
  • Nori sheets (cut into half, then 3 so you will get 6 small rectangles) (buy on iherb or amazon)
  • Coconut aminos or wheat free tamari for dipping (buy on iherb or amazon)
Veggies all cut into thin strips and 6cm in length (choose any or all):
  • fermented carrots (click here for the recipe or use grated raw carrots) 
  • red, yellow or orange peppers 
  • cucumber sticks
  • Steamed asparagus 
  • Steamed green beans
  • Avocado
  • Purple cabbage
  • Mango
  • Tomato (diced)
  • Celery
  • Lettuce
Protein cut into strips and about 6cm in length (choose any or all, leftovers also work well):
  • Cooked chicken breast (poached or pan fried)
  • Bacon (grilled)
  • Quail eggs (boiled and halved)
  • Pulled pork (try Nom Nom Paleo's pressure cooker kahlua pig recipe here)
  • Shredded beef
  • Salmon sashimi or cooked
  • Tuna sashimi or cooked
  • Coriander
  • Parsley 
  • Basil
  • Black or white Sesame seed(buy from iherb or amazon)
  • Chia seeds (buy from iherb or amazon)
  • Japanese mixed peppers (Shichimi buy on amazon)
  • Homemade mayonaise 
  • Wasabi


  • Cook all or any of the protein options
  • Wash and cut all or any of the veggie options
  • Plate both protein and veggies
  • Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut the nori in half, then into three to get six pieces 
  • Place any or all of the extras in serving bowls
  • Serve with a separate dipping bowl for each person with coconut aminos or soy free tamari
  • To eat, take one piece of nori and place your protein option, add one or a few of the veggie options, then add some extras and dip in sauce and eat! :)

Nori Wrap and Roll Platter
Nori Wrap and Roll Platter

Hope you enjoy this Nori Wrap and Roll Platter :) 

May xx

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