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Things I like to make - Divine Sugar Free Orange Cake

This divine sugar free whole orange cake recipe by sugar free kids is one that I keep making over and over. It's one of my favourite recipes to make when I can get my hands on organic oranges. It is light, soft, moist and keeps for days in the fridge so you can also make it ahead of time.

Things I like to make - Divine Sugar Free Orange Cake
Things I like to make - Divine Sugar Free Orange Cake
The recipe requires boiling a couple of oranges for 2 hours so I usually cook 6 oranges at once, then divide into portions and freeze so I can reduce the cooking time for when I make this beautiful cake again.

I love to decorate the cake with sliced kumquats which look like teeny oranges and for this picture I used fresh stevia leaves from the garden. You could also sprinkle wih shredded coconut, cacao nibs, pomegranate for a wonderful pop of colour or anything else you have on hand.

This cake stores really well in the fridge, so you just need to add the cream and decorate before serving.

Here's a shopping list for some of the pantry items needed:

Almond meal (buy on iHerb or Amazon)
Stevia powder (buy on iHerb or Amazon)
Rice Syrup (I used honey instead)
Coconut oil (buy on iherb or amazon)

iHerb now offers free shipping to Australia. 
Use Discount code BBH440 for $10 off your first order!

This recipe was also featured in Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook. You can get a copy of it below or read my review here where I also cooked up a few of the recipes (and there's a bonus simple paleo friendly caramel sauce recipe in the review too!):

I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook - DIGITAL 
Get the digital version here

  I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook - PRINT
Get the printed version here

Or visit Sugarfree Kids and get the recipe here

Things I like to make - Divine Sugar Free Orange Cake
Things I like to make - Divine Sugar Free Orange Cake
Sha from sugarfree kids makes really lovely healthy refined sugar free recipes that are wonderful for the whole family. She's one of my favourite instragram buddies and you can check our her Facebook page here.


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