Monday, 23 May 2016

Bolognese Cucumber Boats

Our freezer is always stocked with jars of frozen bolognese sauce, perfect for lazy days when we need a quick and healthy meal. I usually make a big batch about once a month then jar up the sauce in recycled glass jars and take out them as needed to defrost over night or in warm water. I haven't convinced my kids about the zoodles just yet but one of their favourite ways to eat bolognese sauce are these bolognese cucumber boats topped with some fermented veggies. 

Bolognese Cucumber Boats
Bolognese Cucumber Boats
These cucumber boats also make great scoops so sometimes we also use them for bolognese dip along with other veggie sticks. This is a better option if you want to send them in for school lunch. I pack the warm bolognese sauce in a thermos container and the cucumber boats/scoops separately. Baby cucumbers work best as they are just the right size for small hands otherwise choose the small Lebanese cucumbers.

These Bolognese Cucumber Boats are perfect as a complete nutritions meal, topped with probiotic rich fermented veggies for a superboost of goodness.

Bolognese Cucumber Boats

You will need:
  • 1 cup of ready made bolognese sauce heated and cooled slightly
  • approximately 20 baby cucumbers
  • some fermented veggies (I used fermented purple cabbage and carrot, see here on the recipe page for some fermented vegetable recipes)
  • Wash and dry cucumbers
  • Slice the top of the cucumber off lengthways and remove the seeds (save them for juicing or a salad)
Bolognese Cucumber Boats
Slice the top of the cucumber lengthways and remove the seeds
  • Add some warmed (not piping hot) bolognese sauce to each cucumber boat
Bolognese Cucumber Boats
Add some bolognese sauce to each cucumber
  • Top with some fermented veggies (ensure the bolognese sauce is not piping hot as it will kill off the probiotics in the fermented veggies and can burn little hands and mouths)
Bolognese Cucumber Boats
Top with fermented veggies for a nutritious probiotic boost
Hope you and the kiddos enjoy!

May xx
Love, create, explore & inspire <3

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