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Cucumber Hamwich and Fermented Carrot Sticks

This cucumber hamwich and fermented carrot sticks isn't so much a recipe but more of a healthy fun lunch box or after school snack idea. We don't often have cold meats as it is hard to find pasture raised junk free ham and salami here but every now and then my kids love a cucumber hamwich and some fermented carrot sticks as a snack.

Cucumber Hamwich and Fermented Carrot Sticks
Cucumber Hamwich and Fermented Carrot Sticks
You can fill the cucumbers with anything you like such as turkey, roast chicken, beef or a lovely homemade dip. Change it up and keep it interesting for the kids. Another cucumber inspired lunch idea that my kids love are these bolognese cucumber boats (see recipe).

I always serve fermented veggies at every meal, and one of our favourites are fermented carrot sticks. They are portable, great for school packs or travel and the kids love them. You can get the recipe here. I am a real advocate for fermented foods having witnessed first hand how they improved my child's health. We cleared a recurrent c.diff infection in my then 4 yo using fermented foods and without knowing it could help with his motor tics, this was eliminated too!

Fermented veggies are full of live probiotics and are more easily digested for growing tummies, the vitamin and nutrient content are increased and more easily absorbed, so a couple of fermented carrot sticks are worth more nutritionally than raw carrots which are much harder to digest.

Cucumber Hamwich and Fermented Carrot Sticks

You will need:
  • Baby cucumbers or Lebanese cucumbers (organic if possible)
  • Filling of choice such as ham, turkey, salami, roast chicken, beef or lamb
  • Fermented carrot sticks see recipe here
  • Slice the cucumbers 3/4 through leaving the bottom part in tact, if the cucumbers are quite thick, you can cut a wedge instead so that they do not break when you fill them
  • Fill the cucumbers with filling
  • Pack for lunch, travel or serve immediately with some fermented carrot sticks or some other veggies of choice :)
Hope you enjoy!
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