About Me

I am a mother to 3 boys, Saigon born, Australian raised and now living in Vietnam. I share my travel adventures with the kids and how we balance modern day living with the various dietary lifestyles to suit each one of us and they include paleo (80/20), Paleo Vegan (meat as a side), GAPS  and AIP (autoimmune protocol).

Inspired by the health benefits my family experienced on a real food diet with lots of bone broth, fermented foods & kombucha, I created loveurbelly to share our journey and hope to inspire others. Loving your belly with foods to heal and nourish and living a conscious lifestyle.

I run workshops on how to make kombucha tea, fermented foods and kid friendly healthy snacks. Our journey is ever evolving with our current health needs, there are so many eating styles or 'diets' and I take from each what works for us. While most people know the paleo diet as mostly meat based, it doesn't have to be and we follow the same philosophy excluding foods that cause harm to our bodies but eat mostly plant based with pasture raised meat as a side rather than the main portion of our diet. You can read more here.

I hope to inspire others to finding better health and share my love for food, travel & pictures. Healing ourselves one delicious mouthful at a time whilst exploring the wonderful world we live in.

May Ly

A little bit more on how we found ourselves on this journey...

I grew up watching my mum ferment/pickle carrots, radish, cauliflower, lemons & cumquats. There were always jars and jars around the house. She also made her own yoghurt, which I thought looked disgusting but tasted oh so good. As time passed and I moved out, I forgot about all of those things. Little did I know how good they were for us, until I became a mum.

My second boy had a severe form of all over body eczema from 2 months old, it would frequently get infected, his skin would seep out brown fluid, his cot would be soaked and at first the pediatrician didn't know what it was, so I was handed antibiotics again and again. It settled after he was 2 and a half, but the damage by modern medicine was done. By the time he was 4, he had 24 courses of antibiotics. I had no idea. obviously. I just did what I was told to do. His gut was completely destroyed, it caused many other issues including a recurrent clostridium difficile infection, which resulted in some heavier medication to treat a problem caused by too many antibiotics in the first place. 

So this has brought me here. 

I found a wonderful holistic doctor who helped me discover foods that can heal & nourish the body. I removed foods that can cause damage and further problems (like most grains/gluten, soy, most legumes, processed foods, vegetable oils & refined sugar). I focus a lot on bone broth, fermented foods & beverages like Kombucha. This has made an amazing improvement for my son, who cleared his recurrent clostridium difficile infection with fermented foods and the whole family have experienced the benefits from it also. 

You will find a mix of my own recipes, some which are either Paleo, Paleo Vegan, GAPS, Whole30 and AIP Compliant. Also some Vegan and Vegetarian and a lot of bone broth, fermented food and kombucha. I also love trying out other people's recipes, sharing good finds and my travel adventures with life in Vietnam.

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog, and would love to hear from you.

May Ly
This is me, 1 year after my autoimmune diagnosis, some days are a struggle but mostly thriving on the AIP journey 
Love, create, explore & inspire
May xx :)


  1. I finally finally made it to your website! My oldest also went through a ton of antibiotics when he was little. I didn't know any better and listed to the doctors. We also had to undo the damage with him. Blessed to have found a solution and wonderful people like you in the paleo community :) - Keep doing the awesome sharing you are doing. All your hard work is paying off for your kids health and future!

    LiveLoveAndPaleo - IG

    1. Thank you for your kind words and popping over to visit! It's still an ongoing journey for us but glad we have discovered the right path and meeting some really inspiring and amazing people along the way. Thanks again for taking the time to stop by xx

    2. May Ly.......I am also a Viet Kieu who had left VN during the war in 1975 (when I was 9 yrs old). I plan to return to Ho Chi Minh City to live in 2016. My wife and I also grow SCOBY and make KOMBUCHA and we have been drinking it for almost 4 months now. It is great. Don't know if I can cut the SCOBY with a metal knife so I can pack it in small glass containers to take to VN with me....just in case they won't allow it, may I contact you when I am there in Ho Chi Minh City? I would like to ask if I can obtain a SCOBY from you to begin growing the KOMBUCHA tea to drink.

      You can reply to my email: thuy4tien00(at)gmail(dot)com

      I am currently living in Houston, TX.

      Tien Tran

    3. Hi Tien, that is great to hear. I packed mine with a vacuum sealing machine, you can get them from ebay from about $50-$10 for the basic function, you can can vacuum pack your scoby and starter liquid, that is what I did. You can also vacuum up any other food items so you can use the machine for other uses too! if you don't end up bringing your scoby, you can of course get one through me, I am supplying scoby's and fermented veggies too in HCMC. I will send you an email with my contact details, all the best! :)

  2. Daivid Hunt(ISHCMC department Tech)10 November 2015 at 23:59

    Hello May Ly,
    I am David Hunt from the Tech group of ISHCMC, I came across this website and decided to try some methods and food, I tasted and was easy to make. I really appreciate you putting your time into this! Have a great week

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by David, appreciate the feedback! xx

  3. Hi their!, My friend told me abou tthis site and it looks frikin amazing!!!! Like wow.. ima try the recipies:D I am also wondering can you check my channel out. THnx!

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